Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sorry for the wait!

So i completely forgot about my blog for a while. Really sorry to all of my readers (if i have any). So i guess i will just say i took a several week long vacation to live in the mountains were Internet access is not possible. There was never a Halloween thing, but here is what i was anyway:

I'm the guy with the box.

So that is me (left) and my best friend (lets call him Steve to protects his privacy) dressing up as a companion cube and test subject from the best computer game ever made-Portal, by valve. Look it up.

A back shot, showing my red heart and Steve's aperture science logo.

some true Halloween pumpkins, although my mom made them both while i frantically made my costume on Halloween.

I can't believe i don't have a picture of my cat on my blog yet. This is Jemima-kins, the cutest ball of fluff on the planet. She make me happy :)

More cat.

Take a look at this one for a while. My cat is holding me captive under my ottoman.

Spent all day Saturday raking leaves in freezing temperatures with my uncle paaaaapii. (he's my dad)

One might say that i haven't posted because of this game right here. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a fairly old (but still epic) game that i have played too much this past week. Even i admit that!

Here's a picture of me bravely living the part of the game's main character, Link.

What's that shnazy shield, you ask? Why, its my language arts project. I made it in three days. The A stands for my grades, the column and snake mean fortitude and wisdom, the family is my goal in life, and the wind turbine is my dream for the world to use clean energy. My motto, start today, is at the bottom.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Kicking off the Halloween Bonanza

So today is Halloween, and i thought i might provide some commentary. I will do this in a series of installments.
First, I'll start with costumes. Most kids buy their unoriginal costumes at stores, and store costumes usually cut as many corners as possible. For me, this has been the case twice. That's right, only twice. And i have had some pretty UBER costumes.

One year, i was a dark wizard. (hooray for first picture upload!)

For 2 years, i was a headless horseman.

One year, my pal and i were sheet ghosts (I'm on the left)

Those are all the pictures documented on my computer, ill try and get scans of some earlier ones.

until then, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok. So i got tagged by Alison, so here goes nothing...

Four Jobs i Have had
I guess...
Does Couch PotatoCount?
the king of town

Four movies I have seen more than once
Napolean Dynamite
Lord of the Rings
National Treasure

Four Places i have lived
Sioux City Iowa
Bridgewater, NJ
Got Nothin
Got nothin (still)

4 TV shows i watch
The Twilight Zone

Four Places i have been
New York

Four Celebrities i have met
Fui Vakapuna
Bronco Mendanhal
Juston McKinnly(saw him, not talked to him)
No one really

Four of My favorite Foods
Apple Strudel Bread
Weinner Boats (hot dog with mashed potatoes and cheese)
chocolate chip cookie dough

Four places i would like to visit

Four things im looking forward to in the coming year
fixing my go kart
scout camp
this blog

Four freinds im tagging (oh cruel fate)
Well, i don't know any blogs that haven't been tagged already, so i guess this part goes blank

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wind Ensemble! Second Chair?

So this happened on Monday, but a certain Spam incident kept me from writing. What a bummer!
Anyway. If you don't know already, i play the trombone. What a fabulous instrument. Well, last year i saw the wind ensemble at a school concert and thought, "Hey. I should do that next year. In fact, i'll practice all summer."
Well you know what i did? I let my trombone collect dust all summer. (I'm not kidding :) So when i remembered my goal, i was NOT happy. SO the school year has been going for a while, and to put it gently, i haven't been practicing much. Now know this, i have never been a real "practicer", much to the dismay of my band teacher. So when the time came to get the music we would be playing, i kicked-it-into-high-gear-in-the-pants-all-the-way-to-november. Well at least, i said i did. But of course, i didn't (i tend to do that a lot). So the audition came, and i did ok. 3 trombones had tried out, and there were 3 parts. So i knew that if i was any good i was in. But as the day the results were posted grew closer, i grew ever more nervous.
So the day came. And i looked at the results. WOW. First trombone part, second chair. I was hoping to scrape by on the last chair. But i guess i had a really good audition.
Yay ME!


So i made my blog a few days ago. but when i went to post on it for the first time, i found that my blog had been locked for spam. So i had to request a review and wait for a while before posting.